Vancouver School Board Visited By Chinese Educators

On 13 January, the Vancouver School Board staff welcomed a delegation of primary and secondary school principals from Shenzhen Futian District, China. Vancouver was the third stop of their school district visits across Canada. David Derpak, the VSB's District Principal - International Education, hosted the morning meeting. Many principals from Vancouver secondary schools also attended the meeting and greeted the guests from China.

During the meeting, a representative from the Chinese delegation gave a calligraphy of 'Hui Ren Bu Juan', which means 'tireless to coach people' to VSB Associate Superintendent Scott Robinson as a gift.

Next week the delegation will be divided into groups and will visit four Vancouver public schools each day. As Derpak points out, being part of the globalization process is a two way street for sharing information around best educational practices. He says ultimately he believes these exchanges will benefit learners in both countries.

"It will also impress the delegates with the high quality of public education in Vancouver," he said. "We hope this will potentially draw more international students to VSB schools."

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