Adult Ed Student Profile: Jessica Bates-Stroud

"I came to Adult Education because I want to succeed," says Jessica Bates-Stroud, student at Main Street Education Centre. Bates-Stroud didn't always take her future success so seriously. Originally from Ontario, she moved to B.C. this past year to have a fresh start and finish high school. After her third day in her new hometown, Jessica decided to enroll at Main Street Education Centre. 

"I wanted to finish high school," she says. "It's never too late to get your education." Considering herself a shy person, coming to a new school in a new city was a big leap for Jessica. But the transition was a smooth one.

She prefers the centres' friendly and relaxed environment and hands-on support from teachers to a regular high school setting. 

"At Adult Ed, every one is doing their own thing, " she says. "People here are so nice and kind." 

The self-paced program taught Jessica to take ownership over her own work. Now that she's mastering her studies, she's starting to dream bigger and hopes to one day own her own business. 

"I always dreamed of working with children, " she says. "I would like to pursue studies in early childhood education and eventually own and run a day care." 

Set to graduate and get her Dogwood Diploma this year, Jessica is very reflective of her time here at Main Street. Her experience with the teachers has helped boost her confidence and cultivate her own independence. 

"Being at Adult Ed taught me about being responsible for my future, " she says. "The teachers care about you and try to help you accomplish what you want to do. They help you be the person you want to be." 

When asked what advice she would have for those thinking about going back to school and finishing high school, Bates-Stroud recommends going after what you want even if you feel embarrassed about your past. 

"Never be ashamed to want to do something better for your life."

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