Adult Ed Student Profile: Mihret Bahta Berhane

"Adult Ed taught me to never give up on what I want because it can happen," says Mihret Bahta Berhane, a current student at South Hill Education Centre.

As a little girl growing up in East Africa, Berhane knew what she wanted to do at a young age. At age seven, she fell ill and remembers how medicine transformed her health.

"I wondered if I could help others like the doctor helped me," she said.

This curiosity and desire to work in a helping profession in health found Berhane in Canada to pursue her dreams. She moved to Vancouver a decade ago with a fairly weak comprehension of English. A friend recommended she try the English foundations classes at South Hill. The flexible schedule including self-paced web-based courses helped her progress with her schoolwork while still taking care of her son. She went to school during the week and worked on weekends.

"The structure of the courses helps me be a mom and a student," says Berhane.

Berhane attributes the supportive and friendly environment to her success at South Hill. Her desire to continue learning comes from wanting to be a good role model not only for her son but also for her community.

"I want to show my son that it's important to give back to your community," she says.

Today, Berhane is working towards her Dogwood and is expected to graduate in June. Her future plans include learning sign language before eventually applying to a nursing program. It's all with the goal of one day becoming a pediatrics nurse.

"Even though I have challenges with life, the staff at Adult Education make me feel like I am able to do it and succeed," she says.

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