Adult Ed Student Profile: Simon Singh

In 2009, a bad knee injury left Simon Singh at a crossroads in his career.

"I couldn't do the roofing job I had because I was going through rehabilitation for my knee," says Singh. "I needed to look at other options for work."

Having come from employment in the construction industry, Singh's options were limited. When he was younger, he had pursued technology and digital arts on his own, but he hadn't seriously considered building a career in this field.

"I have always been interested in computers and art, and when I got injured, I started thinking about how to create a career out of my interests," says Singh.

He started looking into his options and felt that courses offered tuition free at Adult Education Centres were a good fit and a great place to start upgrading his skills. He began by taking classes at the Downtown East Education Centre and realized there was a need for small businesses and skilled employees in the digital space. Always an entrepreneur, he saw this as a great opportunity to work for himself, in a career he would love.

"After coming to Adult Ed and taking the classes, it really sparked my interest in digital media-it expanded my mind," says Singh. Soon afterwards, he got in touch with a teacher at Roberts Education Centre who taught computer-based graphic programs.

"Ken's classes helped me define my focus because the classes were exactly what I was going towards in my career," says Singh. "It was great learning alongside like-minded people with similar interests."

Singh credits Adult Education for providing not only the focus he needed but also the motivation he required to start his own business. "I was always interested in being an entrepreneur and this experience gave me the skills I needed to do just that."

A colleague at Roberts recommended Singh to the company he currently works for as a technology tutor. Now, he is also starting his own business as a technology consultant and this has opened up many opportunities for him.

"I'm on a great track," says Singh. "Adult Education helped me define what I want to do, and there are still so many different options out there for me- the sky's the limit."�

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