Selkirk Grade 6 Class and the PAC Beautify the Playground (and Create Homes for Birds)

Selkirk school has several new buildings - designed and constructed by Grade 6 students to house the many birds that visit the playground every day.  

Teacher Peter Nickel's Grade 6 class built the colourful birdhouses towards the end of last school year. Selkirk's Parent Advisory Council liked the colourful structures so much that they worked with the school district to have them mounted in the playground area.

"We have heard so many comments about how eye-catching and interesting the birdhouses are," says Doug Roch, Selkirk Vice Principal.  "Not only was this endeavour an excellent example of student creativity and a testament to the excellent relationship between our students, school staff, and parents, they perform a functional service too - we often see birds enjoying the structures as children play on the playground".  

Roch said particular thanks need to go to Nickel and his students for contributing to Selkirk's grounds.

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