MACC Class Students Impress at National Math Tournament and Local History Evening

The MACC classes are known throughout the district as terrific places for gifted elementary students. Increasingly, the classes are gaining an impressive reputation outside of Vancouver for their high level math scores.

In a recent math competition held by the Mathematics Contest Centre is one of the top mathematics competitions in North America. Each year thousands of students from across Canada participate in the high level competition which challenges students with a wide range of math riddles ranging from the number of faces of a triangle to tricky geometry questions.

Evening of Eminence

This year (as in past years), Vancouver's MACC class did superbly on the tests. Grade 5 students Darwin Zhu and Bennett Yang ranked 81 out of 13,872 students in the Fibonacci competition. The entire class was ranked 34 out of 678 other schools.

In the Grade 6 Pythagoras category, the MACC class finished second in all of Canada and first in BC out of 947 students. MACC student Cindy Tan was the top ranked student in all of Canada with a perfect score. She got there by beating out 19,039 other students from across the country.

Meanwhile in the Grade 7 Euler category, Krain Chen also managed to achieve a perfect score in Canada, besting 6996 other students across the country. Chen's high score along with those of his classmates helped MACC place six in all of Canada.

Math isn't the only thing MACC classes excel in. The classes also have a popular Evening of Eminence where students are asked to dress up and take on the role of a famous historical character. Past MACC Evening of Eminence events have drawn figures such as Laura Secord, Norman Bethune, Nelson Mandela, Lester B Pearson, Jim Henson and even former Premier Bill Vander Zalm. In addition to manufacturing their costumes, students are tasked with staying "in character" throughout the evening.

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