Churchill Students Achieve Top Level Math Results in National Computing Challenge

Churchill students found themselves at the top of the pack when it comes to math and logic after five of their students finished the Beaver Computing Challenge with a perfect mark or one error. Roughly 4,800 students across Canada wrote the exam and Churchill came away with one of the 11 perfect scores across the country and five other scores with only one incorrect answer.

Math teacher Trevor Gibbens says it is an impressive result. Gibbens says at least some of this year's cohort's success with the exam is due to a Russian-inspired teaching model that encourages older high school mentors to coach younger students in a math club.

"It made a difference," he says. "They responded warmly and now we're planning to expand the model."

Gibbens says what's most impressive about Churchill's math whizzes is that they have been competing against students who are much older than they are. Top finisher Victor Wang is only in Grade 8, while Patrick Chen, Eric Ho and Cindy Li (who all finished one question short of perfection) were also in Grade 8. Gabriel Luo and Yangkai Kevin Wu also got only one answer wrong and are only in Grade 10. Most of the competition were senior high school students.

To read more about Churchill's math prowess in the Vancouver Sun, click here.

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