Britannia Secondary's Eastside Eats Supports the Homeless with Homemade Lunches

Meet the Eastside Eats. Britannia Secondary's newest club.

Once a month the posse of IB Grade 12 and 11 students head down to their school kitchen early in the morning to whip up cookie dough and prep sandwiches (cold-cut and veggies) in advance of heading down to the Downtown Eastside and in order to deliver the food to some of Vancouver's most needy residents.

Eastside EatsThe task of creating a meal from scratch for over 150 vulnerable visitors to the Lookout Society's Living Room Drop-In Centre is not an easy one. It has taken a lot of time, energy and some fundraising prowess to keep the club going. But club member Leena Yamaguchi says it's all worthwhile when you get a chance to meet some of the residents.

Yamaguchi says what started as an IB project has grown into something bigger and more important. She's been impressed by how both other students and teachers have gotten behind the club. What once was a small handful of students has grown to dozens of volunteers. 

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