Windermere Students Create Mini WE Day to Promote Acceptance and Positive Change

What could have easily been a simple classroom project became something much larger and more meaningful at Windermere Secondary. Grade 12 students Anita Feng and Jackie Sarvini decided for their Business Innovation class project to create Mini WE Day and involve the entire student body.

"Ms. Sylvia Tam is the Business Innovation teacher," says Rick Mesich, Windermere Secondary Principal. "She expects her students to plan, organize and execute a major event that has a positive impact on our school community. This was by far the largest event."

Hundreds of students gathered in the Windermere gym for a morning of presentations, song, and inspiration. Speeches ranged from battling cancer to standing up to bullying and beating limitations of physical disabilities, but the larger focus was to create a sense among the student body that they can accomplish anything if they are committed, resilient and persistent.

"The entire school united for a day of inspiration," says Mesich. "There was a message tied to every story and this impacted the school body.  They can see that it is cool to care.  I am hoping that the students use these messages to be motivated to excel in their academics, their contributions to the community and as individuals."

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