Britannia Go-Carts Create Fierce Competition with Help from UBC Engineering Department

While many were wondering who would take gold in Sochi, another equally nail-biting competition was underway in East Vancouver at Britannia Elementary. 

For over a week Justin Borsato's Grade 7 class sweated, planned, painted, stapled, and glitter glued in the creation of their team go-carts. Restricted to found items in the school, balloons, and a rattrap, each team had to create a cart that would: Go far, go fast, and look good.

Like all competitive teams, the students had expert coaches. UBC Engineering Department students on their reading break volunteered their time to mentor Britannia students on basic engineering principles, physics, and of course making their carts look good.

Each team also worked together to brand their carts and create a presentation showcasing their cart's unique features. Not lacking in creativity, cart names included: Icy Panther, Turtle, Making it Rainbow, One Direction Infection, and Wragon (a terrifying wolf, ram, dragon hybrid). 

The entire school voted on the best looking cart and which cart they believed would go the farthest and which would go the fastest.

"In the Best Looking final, the Icy Panthers took home gold despite a close call from the Turtle group" says Borsato.  

Later, the school gathered in the gym and cheered wildly for the go-carts.

Says Borsato, "In a closely fought battle, The Making it Rainbow team narrowly edged out the Wragons in the speed trials, while also captured the longest distance by inching past One Direction Infection."

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