Heart Health at Nightingale Elementary with Jump Rope for Heart

This past month the students at Florence Nightingale Elementary spent many hours raising pledges for the Heart and Stroke Foundation via the Jump Rope for Heart Campaign. Coinciding with Valentine's Day the jump-a-thon not only promoted heart health in the physical sense, but in the emotional sense as well.

Having practiced their routines for the past few weeks, each division took turns jumping and dancing to music. All students were included in the morning's activities and each performance was met with riotous cheers from fellow students. 

"I love the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser," says Hope Sterling, Principal at Nightingale.  "Not only does it build altruism in our students as they fundraise for a cause outside of themselves, there is a beautiful harmony in skipping, which improves overall health." 

The highlight of the morning was a surprise routine by the Nightingale staff, which had the students on their feet cheering.

Say Sterling, "It was a great morning. And a great community building, fun activity."

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