John Oliver Students Lead the Design of their own Digital Code of Conduct

Over the last few weeks John Oliver student leaders, guided by teachers, staff and administrators, have dispersed out into the school and worked with their peers to design a school digital on-line code of conduct that is clear and realistic.

Student leaders received training and took part in digital citizenship workshops with Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality (www.mediatedreality.com).They then facilitated discussions and conferred with fellow students to consider what it means to be an on-line digital bystander, how to act responsibly when using the web, and what impact their own digital fingerprint can have on themselves, their family and friends, and their future.

Through an examination and understanding of the uses of technology, students narrowed down the many ideas that came forward to just a few manageable key points, including how to show respect for themselves and others through considerate digital behaviour that models safety, kindness, and good etiquette.

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