Teachers Set to Spike at Baldwin Bash Volleyball Tournament

On April 11th, Vancouver School Board teachers will face off on the volleyball court, to outwit, outplay and out-spike their coworkers at the annual Baldwin Bash. This year's event will feature a 'Survivor' theme, with staff dressing up to play volleyball in costume. A dinner party follows the event. 

The Bash, named after VSB teacher Bob Baldwin, is expected to feature 75 teams competing in three skill categories: Spartan (advanced), Greenhorn (intermediate) and Jabberwocky (social). Baldwin created the event over 30-years ago as a way for teachers to relieve final term stress. His name has headlined the event since his passing in 2004. 

For more information, contact Harp Sohi at (604) 713-5207 or view the invitation

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