Students' Ideas Shine at District Science Celebration at Science World

What is fracking?
Which skyscraper shape can withstand the most wind?
Do women have a better sense of smell than men?

These are just some of the questions posed by Grade 6 and 7 students at this year's VSB Non-Competitive Science Fair at Science World. 

Dozens of students from across the district had the opportunity to showcase their scientific projects over a two-day non-competitive fair.

"The students have a unique opportunity to share their knowledge about a particular subject that they have researched and analyzed, and showcase other skills like public speaking, answering questions and applying their leaning to the real world, "says Sharlene Steele, a Grade 6/7 teacher at Shaughnessy Elementary.  "And they also get to see and learn about other projects from their peers and participate in a hands-on workshop.  It also allows students from lower grades to see what older students are doing and learn from them."

Annabelle Chen, a Grade 7 from Shaughnessy, says that science projects like this give students the opportunity to research more advanced and globally relevant concepts.

"It's been a great opportunity to learn about the environment," says Chen, whose project explored the affects of fracking. "When I hear about these topics and see the news, a project like this gives me a better idea of what's going on, so I can be a part of the discussion. It gives me an understanding of what the grownups are talking about."

Science fair projects allow students to apply a hands-on approach to science exploration, while integrating cross-curricular skills. Through questions and investigations, students explore topics ranging from art to information technology, sports to psychology.

"The thing I like the most about this Science Celebration," says Steele. "Is that it is just that, it's a celebration of the students' learning."  

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