Smiles are First Crop Harvested from New Henderson Annex Garden Boxes

Henderson Annex recently had some very talented carpenters help with the construction of some new garden boxes. Tupper Tech Grade 12 trades students came out to mentor and teach Henderson Grade 4/5s about woodworking and teamwork. The end result was four beautiful garden boxes and many happy faces.

"It was a great morning," says Chuck McNicholl, interim Vice-Principal at Henderson. "Our students were all totally absorbed in the hands-on building process. Even those who are typically high energy were completely focussed and committed to the project. They ate it up!"

The younger students learned how to hammer and use a drill. Some students, under the watchful eye of Russ Evans, the Tupper Tech and ACE-IT teacher, even braved the electric saw. "They've done amazing work today," says Evans. "These kids are rock stars. They might have been a little nervous at first, but they have done a wonderful job."

"We used lots of tools like drills, saws, and hammers," says Ravneet Johal, a Grade 5 student. "We all liked drilling the holes and cutting the wood. When we were hammering the nails in it was kind of hard to do, but all of the girls thought about something we did not like and it gave us a boost of energy. This made the nails go in quickly and it made it more fun!"

Nithila Theivendrarajah, also in Grade 5, says, "I really liked our Tupper Tech leaders. They were very kind, supportive and fun. It felt like we were more mature and responsible today."

Theivendrarajah and Johal agree, "It was a great opportunity for everyone. We think everyone will enjoy the vegetables we plan to grow."

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