Kitsilano Fine Arts Night Draws a Crowd

This year's Kitsilano Fine Arts Night drew quite a crowd. Dozens of students, staff and parents packed the school's main hallways to take in creative artwork such as posters, pottery, paintings and video projects.

Kits Performance

Meanwhile, small crowds clustered around one of a number of live theatre performance erected in stairwells and hallways. There, a few students were busy performing a one act play in front of a small but eager audience. Down the hall in another room, half a dozen improvisors were showing off their dramatic skills to another audience. As these performances took place, Kits music students were tuning up their musical instruments in the auditorium to prepare for the next performance.

All the while, videographer students roamed the halls capturing testimonials from vistors and artists alike. 

Principal Ellen Roberts says the eclectic nature of the Fine Arts Night is really something to behold. She says the wide-range of arts (fine, performing and digital) on display makes the Kits "FARTS" night a signature one in the school community. 

To view some of the creative posters adorning the walls of Kits in the lead up to the Fine Arts Night, click here

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