14 VSB Students Earn Forklift Certification Through VCC

Thanks to Vancouver Community College (VCC), 14 Vancouver School Board (VSB) students earned their forklift certification in 2014. The courses, done through the VCC's School of Transportation, ran every Friday and Saturday over three weekends.  

Technical Studies Teacher, Ailin Wong, supervised the all-female group of David Thompson and Kitsilano girls this February. Wong said, "Thanks to the great instructions from Dave, Calvin and Scott everybody got their certification!  It was a slow and steady process.  By Saturday at 2:00pm it was cold, raining hard and very windy but the girls never complained, they completed the slalom course and passed."

"When observing, you could really see the progression of their skills," said Wong, "They went from out of control and running over cones on the first day to being in control and understanding the operation of the machine and navigating the pylons with confidence.  I'm so proud of these girls."

Helen Wong from David Thompson said, "It was very cool, something I never thought I would do. The VCC instructors were really great and patient with us."

"Being with peers and instructors who were very encouraging made the experience memorable." Said Lily Huang, "Initial anxieties were eliminated by how thoughtful and patient the environment was. Every step in the learning was exciting."

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