Nootka Elementary Takes Advantage of Artstarts "Artist in Residence" Program

This April, Nootka Elementary students got a chance to create a wide range of art projects thanks to thousands of dollars in support from the ArtStarts program. During the six week program the entire school worked with Cindy Schreyer, a professional artist and art instructor on a range of original art projects including personalized clay dishes and 200 large format paintings.  

Fruit was the central theme of both the clay works of art and the paintings. For many of the students, the project was their first opportunity to work with a "real live artist". Schreyer also says the program is helpful for schools as it provides on-the-ground mentoring for school staff in various art forms, lessons that can yield artistic dividends in elementary schools years into the future.

To make the residency happen, Nootka teacher Laura Clancy, one of the school's fine arts teachers, wrote a grant application to ArtStarts. As a result of her industriousness, she received a grant of $5,000 (and an abundance of high-quality art supplies) from ArtStarts.

Schools interested in the ArtStarts program can learn more about the grant process here. Schools interested in contacting Schreyer can do so by clicking here.

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