Aboriginal Student Success Story: Keegan Grant

Keegan Grant is an emerging leader in his community. As a member of the Musqueum Nation, he regularly participates in cultural celebrations. Both his father and brother have served on the Musqueum Council.  Now attending UVic, he is channeling his love of his culture into a sociology degree.

During his time at Point Grey, many students knew Grant as an exceptional soccer player, and when he had to stop playing for eight months due to an injury, the school waited in anticipation for his return to the field.

"When I tore my ACL and had to stop playing, it was really hard to stay positive," he explains. "But even though I couldn't play, I was glad to support my team by watching and cheering."

After making a full recovery, he plans to try out for the Varsity team at UVic next year, and feels confident about his chances.

Already an avid traveller, Grant has spent time in New York City and has plans to visit Rio de Janeiro during the upcoming World Cup. He is excited about his plans over the next few years and is quick to thank his family and friends for keeping him motivated.

"My family has high hopes for me, but I know their first priority is that I'm happy in whatever I end up doing," he says. "I'm really proud to continue my family's legacy of going to university, and it means a lot to me to have their support."

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