Roberts and Killarney Get Sustainable Kitchen Upgrades

Through a rebate through BC Hydro, the VSB was able to get two new EnergyStar-rated fridges which will help the district save an estimated $250 of electricity per year at each school.  These green purchases, though a small step, are an important part of managing all our energy use says Ron Macdonald, the district's Manager of Energy and Sustainability.

"The VSB has done a lot to conserve energy in the past decade, but there's more we can do," says Macdonald. "I want to thank VSB's purchasing department for being proactive in this purchase."

Macdonald says it is important for all VSB staff to support the district's goals of finding energy efficiencies wherever possible. It also makes good business sense - for these units the BCHydro rebate plus the energy savings will pay for the incremental cost of the more efficient unit in less than a year.

"Energy conservation can be a part of all our purchase decisions - everything from a new school to a new appliance purchase can help reduce our bills.  Over the next 5 years, electricity costs will increase by 35 percent, which will add a million dollars to our budget if we don't take more action." he says.

To learn more about energy efficiency email sustainability@vsb.bc.ca.

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