Roberts Annex Jungle Animals Take Over School for Spring Musical

Every year Roberts Annex VP Brenda Boylan and teacher Don Hachey do separate class musicals before Spring Break. This year, 44 Grade 2 and 3 students were involved. Boylan's class performed "It's a Jungle Out There" while Hachey's class did "Once Upon a Lily Pad". 

"We love doing the musicals because they give kids a sense of what a performance involves from start to finish (we begin rehearsing in class in January), are wonderful oral language opportunities and allow kids to explore the arts," says Boylan.

She says that even though she's been doing the musicals for years, the kids never cease to amaze her. 

"By the time of the show, they know the musical inside out - literally taking over for children when they are away - and have such a sense of pride in their accomplishments," she says. 


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