MacCorkindale Students Gather Socks for Homeless

When Grade 7 student Liam Wong heard that the Ramada Hotel would be transformed into a social housing facility, the MacCorkindale Elementary student got a group of friends together and, with the help of his teacher Adrian Low, decided to do something to support the incoming vulnerable population.

Wong and his classmates learned from Jennifer Gray-Grant, the executive director of the Collingwood Neighbourhood House, that many of the new residents of the social housing building couldn't afford basic necessities such as clean and dry socks. Wong decided to do something about this.

With the help of his friends, the students organized a sock drive kicked off with a "No Sock Day" at MacCorkindale. On that day, everyone at the school showed up sans socks. Wong says the activity gave all the kids an idea of what it would be like to go through the day without warm socks

After the successful "No Sock Day", the school started a full sock drive. Their original goal was to collect 200 pairs of socks, but Liam and his friend exceeded expectations when they managed to collect 347 socks.

Though the sock drive is over, MacCorkindale staff say Wong and his class is still committed to helping homeless people. 

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