Aboriginal Student Success Story: Dylan Stogan

In addition to being an accomplished Italian and Asian chef, Dylan Stogan is an avid fan of Dub Step. He also plays rugby, soccer and lacrosse. He credits his accomplishments to a family that taught him the importance of working hard, even when life gets tough.

After graduation, Stogan plans to attend culinary school and he has already begun to learn Italian to match his favorite cuisine.  But he is quick to point out it can be tough to manage multiple competing priorities. When he thinks back to elementary school, he admits there were times when he felt overwhelmed.

"There wasn't really an option for me to give up, so I've had to come up with strategies to stay on top of things," he says. "I guess my first priority is school, then sports, then cooking, but on some days it's hard to juggle everything."

A member of the Musqueum Nation, Stogan is very passionate about keeping his cultural traditions alive. He's proud of his grandfather and cousin, both of whom he cites as inspirational forces in his life.

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