Champlain Heights Students Lip-Sync Like Rock Stars

Grade 7 students at Champlain Heights Community School have for many years participated in a very special tradition - the school Lip-Sync. 

It's an event that comes after months of preparation. Starting in January and through until March, the students study the history of Rock and Roll. They are introduced to how the origins of modern music can be traced back through history to the time of slavery in the United States. They learn about musical greats including Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and many others and most importantly, how music has evolved through time. 

The final project in this unit of study is a Lip-Sync performance. 

"This is always an amazing event well received by the students, staff and parents," said Lorraine Terretta, Principal of Champlain Heights Elementary. "We are very proud of the efforts of our grade 7s!"

For this epic performance, the school's Grade 7 students created groups and chose a song to perform in front of the school community. Click here or below for some candid pics from this year's Lip-Sync. 

Click on the image below to check out our Flickr album for more photos.

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