Aboriginal Student Success Story: Jordan Ohman

Jordan Ohman knows firsthand about the important work police do to keep Vancouver safe. That's why after graduation he plans to study criminology and one day join the Vancouver Police Department.

"I've known people who got into trouble, and I've been glad for the police who showed up to help them," he explains. "But the police don't only deal with bad things, they also work really hard to keep people safe."

Known around Point Grey as a determined student-athlete, when he's not focused on schoolwork, Ohman plays baseball, football, hockey and basketball. He admits that sometimes it's hard to stay on track, but he is especially grateful for the support of his teachers and coaches.

As a member of the Tsimshian Nation, Ohman is constantly motivated by his three older brothers and his parents. There have been times when he fell behind in class, but his family has always been there to encourage him to work hard and stay focused on his goals.

"Mom, dad and my brothers helped me understand that if I want to be successful in life, I have to go out and make it happen. It won't just happen on its own," said Ohman. "You have to work hard to get where you want to be."

He counsels others who are struggling with obstacles in their lives to never stop trying.

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