Hamber Students Explore Bullying and Homophobia with Short Film Shame

This April, Hamber students got a chance to watch a short film called 'Shame' and then discussed their thoughts and feelings around homophobia and bullying. 

Produced by Vancouver film students and staring Hamber students, the film explored the tragic consequences of homophobia in a fictional school. Overtly provactive and using course language to illustrate the damaging impact of homophobia on students' lives, Shame provided an opportunity to discuss the impact of bullying and how it makes students feel.

After a short group discussion, students were brought together to talk about how the film made them feel, the issues it was trying to convey and questions students may have had after watching it.

Hamber vice principal Raza Mirani says issues exploration like that provoked by the short film is important for students to consider.

"For me it is important for awareness. It is also important to get the message across that people who aren't bullying and standing by allowing it to happen can be just as culpable in these situations," he said.

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