King George Students Unlock their Inner 'Watermark' with Art Gallery Partnership

This March, King George Secondary students got to take in the world-class art of re-known photographer Edward Burtynsky firsthand thanks to a partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery forged by King George teacher Victoria Hughes and Art Gallery Education Coordinator Susan Rome.

Over the course of the month, King George students in Grades 8 through 10 viewed a documentary on Butynsky called 'Watermark'. Then they got to head over to the Art Gallery (conveniently located a short walk away from the school) to view 44 photographs from the Gallery's permanent collection, including 34 new acquisitions donated by the artist. The exhibition highlighted Burtynsky's most captivating images of natural and man-made landscape that reflect the impressive reach of human enterprise.

Then students then worked on their own photography assignment to explore their own "watermark" through personal artistic exploration.

"I am really motivated by shared experiences with the kids. It fully matches our mandate as a MYP IB school. We are looking at a water theme through all our classes and we borrowed the name of the documentary - 'watermark'," says Hughes. "Then we are asking kids what is their watermark?"

Hughes says the artistic project along with the art gallery tours and events connected to the Watermark collaboration got her kids excited.

"Kids really come alive. I showed the Grade 9s the Watermark documentary. I wasn't sure how the teens would take to it, but they were captivated by it," she says.  

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