Weir Elementary Kindergartener Becomes "Principal for a Day"

Weir Elementary Kindergarten student Harvey Neill says his proudest moment as Principal for a Day at Weir elementary was banning homework for two days. Neill along with assistant to the principal Timmy Neill (yes, they are related) and Vice principal for the day Jessica Sikolya were put nominally in charge of their school for one day this April. During their tenure, the students reported to their PAC on upcoming iPad and sports equipment purchases, led a code of conduct assembly and met with Superintendent Steve Cardwell.

According to Neill, his decision to ban homework for two days went over very well with the school students.  

But for the principal and his administrative posse, one of the biggest highlights was a visit to Superintendent Steve Cardwell's office. There the trio got a guided tour of the office and a peak at many "cool things" hanging on Cardwell's wall. The cherry on the sundae? Presents of chocolate for everyone.

Vice Principal Stephen Leung says the "Principal for a Day" initiative went over very well with his students.

"On the way back to school, the kids were beaming with happiness. They all stated that this was the BEST prize ever (being P and VP for the day)," he said.

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