Aboriginal Student Success Story: Van Tech's Raven Basi

In Grade 9, Raven Basi was the victim of intense bullying which affected her self-esteem, and her grades. But by Grade 12, she had transformed into a confident and inspirational advocate for others. By learning to express herself through art, this courageous young woman discovered a new side of herself, one that helped her stop being a victim, and start showing others just how great she really is.

Widely acclaimed for her art and design abilities, Basi was even granted early admission to the Costume Design Program at Capilano University in North Vancouver. When she's not sewing, painting, doing photography or working on the yearbook, Basi could be found watching horror movies or listening to old Pink Floyd albums with her dad. 

"My mom and dad were always listening to interesting music, and I guess some of it stuck with me," she explains. "They always nurtured my creative side and I know they are really proud of my attending university this fall, especially after I was failing classes not that long ago."

A member of the Coast Salish Nation, Basi's art has often been inspired by the proud legacies of Aboriginal people. She's also been motivated by a large number of supportive students and staff at Van Tech, who are excited to see her work, and watch where her talents take her.

"It means so much to me that other people are interested in my work," she said.  "I hope my story will inspire others to overcome their challenges too." 

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