Students from Tupper, Van Tech and Gladstone Win Prestigious Horatio Alger Jim Pattison Scholarship

2014 marks the first year that the Horatio Alger Association of Canada has offered scholarships to full-time high school students in British Columbia and three students from VSB schools have each been awarded the $5000 scholarship. 

The Association recognizes students who have a critical financial need and have demonstrated integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity, as well as strength of character, a good academic record, a commitment to pursue higher education, and a desire to contribute to society.

The inaugural winners from Vancouver are all grade 12 students from across the district. Amy Du from Vancouver Tech Secondary School, Kathy Nguyen from Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, and Katina Nguyen from Gladstone Secondary School were announced as 2014 winners of the prestigious award.

"This year's winners are an exceptional group of motivated students who will shape the future of our country," said Dominic D'Alessandro, President of the Horatio Alger Association of Canada. "They are proof that with hard work and determination, anyone can overcome difficult circumstances. It is an honour for the Association to help these inspiring young leaders with their education."

Horatio Alger, Jr., was a prolific author in the 19th and early 20th centuries whose books inspired readers to work hard and persevere through adversity. Alger's books - 128 in all - recount how a "can-do spirit" and individual initiative can allow anyone to achieve their dreams, regardless of circumstances.

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