Maquinna School Musical Rocks the Planet

On Wednesday, April 16 and Thursday, April 17, Maquinna Elementary students took to the stage for an original musical one-act play. "Rock the World" featured astronaut Chris Hatfield, Principal Peter Evans and a whole pack of aliens as they all struggled to understand environmental responsibility, recycling and sustainability.

"This production was orchestrated by Georgina Arntzen (a retiring teacher at Maquinna School) and it was a wonderful event," said Evans. "Apart from being a fabulous teacher, Georgina moonlights as a professional musician with her husband, father-in-law and two sons." 

The play was full of colourful costumes, catchy songs and was powered by an incredibly creative narrative.

Evans also says a lot of the credit for Rock the World also needs to go to two-year retired teacher Diana Wort, who was instrumental in getting the play ready.

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