CODE2014: Showcases Top Fashion from Hamber Fashion Department

CODE2014, the Eric Hamber Fashion Department's 23rd annual fashion show, was an opportunity for students to showcase all the best aspects of Hamber Fashion. Hundreds of pieces were on stage, from the iconic canvas 'Hamber Duffle' and 'Hamber Garment' bags, to stylish renditions of the lovely Mason Dior skirt.

Competitive garment winners opened the show, with medal winning pieces from SkillsBC Regional competition (Gold, Silver and Bronze), Provincial Competitions (Gold and Silver), and Skills Canada National Competition 2013 (Gold) and WorkSkills Leipzig 2013 (Medallion of Excellence) all represented.

Over the past year, Hamber Fashion students also took on the unique challenge of upcycling old band jackets into usable and fashion-forward tops, dresses, and blazers. Raincoats and matching outfits for women and pooches were also a highlight in the show, with the puppy models stealing the spotlight.

"People think that textiles construction is easy, but it's hard," says Nina Ho, instructor of the Fashion Design and Technology Program at Hamber. "The technical skill level at Eric Hamber is incredibly good. Some of our student's skills are stronger than the skill level you'd see at some post-secondary institutions."

CODE2014Eric Hamber Fashion Department is one of the leading secondary level programs for fashion design and construction in British Columbia. Since 1997, Ho has been to the National SkillsCanada competition four times with her students, and has coached a student to the World Skills level, both in 2009 and 2013.

The department features intensive programs for high school students, ranging from construction techniques, pattern drafting, draping, merchandising, design and more.

Students emerging from the programs have moved on to jobs internationally within the fashion world, as well as to prestigious schools internationally. Hamber Fashion is also the home base for the VSB Fashion District Program.

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