Leaping Lizards! Earth Day Extravaganza at Laura Secord Elementary

All creatures great and small were on hand for Laura Secord Elementary's Earth Day Extravaganza. Students, parents and teachers participated in a number of events over the course of the day.

Special events and presentations included: Environmental Conservation workshops; Daily Eggs chicken coop presentations; Wendy Charbonneau, an Aboriginal Storyteller, who told stories about the house system; sports like yoga, soccer and street hockey; a cow milking demonstration with the Mobile Dairy Classroom; garden planting; a fuel cell car information session; an SFU Ocean Acidification Workshop; an Arctic presentation with the Vancouver Aquarium; and Mike the Reptile Guy, who brought many of his reptiles and critters for the students to touch, hold, and learn about conservation. 

The parent community at Secord worked hard to make sure there was a balance of fun and engaging activities. Not only did the parent community organize the school-wide event, but many also worked as educational volunteers throughout the day.

"Our Earth Day Celebration is 10 years old now," says Kate Montgomerie, Secord PAC member and organizer of the event. "It was wonderful day where parents of Secord came out to provide a full, interactive day for the 26 divisions of students to learn about their planet. The students loved to have their parents at the school for a day, and the parents loved taking the day to come and provide this day for the kids."

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