Tillicum Community Annex Sports Day - A Tradition of Competition, Fun, and Community Spirit.

For over 15 years Mr. Darryl Koe, a Grade 1/2 teacher at Tillicum Annex, has been organizing the school's daylong Sports Day. Koe is quick to acknowledge his colleagues who pitch in to support him. But the day, which has changed little in the last 20 years, is clearly his passion project.  

tillicum sports dayFamilies, students, teachers, and staff all participated in the day's activities with events like "Island Hopping" and "Fill the Bucket" causing near riotous cheers from the crowd gathered at the small eastside school. Highlights from the day included the "Toddler Dash" for all the little brothers and sisters and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House daycare children in attendance, and inter-division tug-of-wars. The day ended with the traditional parents versus teachers tug-of-war, where once again the parents handily claimed their fifteenth consecutive win over the teachers.

"The teams of students run and play hard," says Tillicum Vice-Principal Renee Gowdy. "And Mr. Koe is a great leader for the day. He ensures that the kids follow the Tillicum code of conduct and take care of themselves, others and this place. Only happy talk is allowed. That's why the day is always such a success for all, win or lose."

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