Students at Hastings Elementary Lead the 4th Annual Kids First Visitors' Day

Recently students of the Templeton Community School Team's Kids First Program at Hastings Elementary spent their afterschool time leading special guests through the school on mini-program tours and demonstrating some of the unique activities offered.

Guests from a variety of businesses, organizations, and institutions from across Vancouver were invited as an opportunity to promote the program and thank community supporters.

"Visitors' Day is a day where we can show off the program and the work the children do on a daily basis," says Jennifer Scott, Community School Coordinator for the Templeton Community Schools Team. "It allows us the opportunity to show our appreciation to our partners for the support they have provided the Kids First program throughout the year. They can see for themselves the impact that support has on the children." 

The afternoon was divided in to physical, creative and educational activities, and allowed guests to see all of the great work the children have been doing in the Kids First Program. Afternoon activities included painting, cooperative games like Apple to Apples, and a rousing game of dodge-ball.

Kids First is a free program, and one of the school's most successful, for vulnerable students. Each day, nearly 100 students participate in the program after school, which provides snacks, homework support and supervised physical activity for close to 100 children.

The purpose of the program is not only to provide recreational programs, but also activities that develop social and academic skills and values, teamwork, good sportsmanship and conflict resolution. Kids First helps students identify personal interests, talents and attributes--all crucial components of asset development in children.

Says Scott, "Without our partners and their commitment to the program these children would not have the opportunity to do the extra work they need to do to gain their level of success." 

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