Windermere Inclusive Musical Showcases Lifeskills Students in Top Form

Windermere Elementary Lifeskills students took to the stage this May as they performed "Finally: The Musical" a performance that featured a script and original songs written and performed by Windermere Secondary students.

The musical was particularly unique because it was a special collaboration between students from the school's Lifeskills program as well as senior dance, theatre company, senior choir and junior choir programs.

Finally:The Musical followed two kids from rival schools and how they fell in love despite oppositional forces (a la Grease). The main characters were played by students from Windermere's Lifeskills class.

"It was tremendous. It was probably the first time that I've seen true integration of some of our most fragile students. The way our kids worked with life skills kids was a true community experience," says Windermere principal Rick Mesich.

Mesich says particular thanks need to go to Windermere teachers Tamara Maxim, Anjuli Enthoven, Andrea Lee and Heather Babcock

"Those teachers really demonstrated what a  fantastic collaboration and inclusive activity looks like," he says. "The big message for me and I think many of our students was that our Lifeskills kids really are a vital and vibrant part of the community."

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