Student Success Story: Britannia's Sariah Conor

Because she was born in Kuwait to Filipino parents and then moved to Canada when she was a teenager, Sariah Conor feels she has a uniquely global perspective. It's that perspective which attracted her to Britannia, first for its Venture program and now its International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate Program.

"I really appreciated all the opportunities that Britannia provides for students. That's why I choose to commute here every day, even though I live in Surrey," said Conor. "Mom and dad always taught me to work hard and pursue my dreams and our school is a great place to do that." 

In addition to pursuing her IB Certificate, this busy young woman has also been the Yearbook Editor, President of the Enactus Club, President of the Business Club and even started the Financial Literacy for Youth program at the school.  Outside of Britannia, Conor also works part time as a bank teller.

When asked about where she finds the ambition to take on so many diverse challenges, she explains that it's a combination of personal pride and a desire to be remembered after she graduates. The talented young woman also thanks her teachers for their inspiration:

"The staff at Britannia is amazing. I know they genuinely care and they always want to find new ways to engage students," she said. "Every time I've had an idea for something new, I've found teachers willing to help me do it."

In the coming years, she is excited about studying economics at UBC.

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