Student Success Story: Britannia's Emerson Zuniga

Emerson Zuniga is a proud El Salvadorian and is known around Britannia for being a very hard worker, both in the classroom and on the field. The Grade 10 student's confidence in life is obvious. His ability to excel in many areas is a testament to his father whom Zuniga credits as a major source of inspiration for him.

"My dad taught me that, even if you don't like doing the work, it is important to push yourself through it," says Zuniga. "If it is hard, that's ok. Just try your best and it usually works out better than you would think."

In addition to his family, Zuniga also appreciates the way teachers at Britannia have inspired him to feel genuine confidence in his academic abilities. Over the years, it is that confidence that has led Zuniga to pursue many challenging opportunities such as his recent decision to start taking Mandarin classes.

Outside of school, the same principles of hard work and determination also apply. Zuniga's been involved with the Vancouver Athletics Football Club since he was seven years old and recently he also began playing rugby.  

After he graduates  he says he wants to follow in his grandparents' footsteps by doing a tour in the armed forces. After that, he says he wants to get into law or politics.  

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