Aboriginal Student Success Story: Van Tech's Angeline Day

Angeline Day is a leader in the Van Tech community. Throughout her life, she says she has encountered racism in many forms, but she always responds in the same way: with kindness and patience. Day says she believes racism is based on ignorance and that's why the Van Tech student is committed to educating people rather than being angry at their actions. 

A member of the Oneida Nation and also part Jamaican, Day says her heritage gives her a unique perspective when working to make Van Tech a more accepting place for others. She consistently reaches out to welcome new students and also regularly extends a hand to those who feel left out.

"I know what it feels like to be excluded and it's not nice," explains Day. "I want people to know that I care about them and that there are others in the world to support and help them, even if it sometimes feels like there aren't."

When she's not in school, Day can often be found singing with her choir, doing art or performing in a play.  A natural entertainer, this young woman enjoys a mix of Aboriginal music and Jamaican Reggae. She also enjoys attending aboriginal gatherings and potlatches, some of which she has helped organize with her mother.

Day's teachers recognize her ability to care for others and help bring people together. They also know that she's a committed student, and she always does her best.   

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