First Student Trustee from Hamber Ready for the Challenge

Eric Hamber student Nick Milum will be joining Vancouver School Board Trustees and he's only 16 years old.

The newest trustee will be sworn into the Board at the October 15 Board Meeting. In the coming year, Milum will have a seat at the boardroom table and be able to offer feedback and comments on a wide-variety of topics debated and discussed by trustees.

Milum has been active in the Vancouver District Student Council for the past three years. He ran for the first time when he was in Grade 9 and since then has sat on a variety of VDSC and VSB advisory committees as their student representative.

He says he's excited to be able to have a greater voice in the decisions that will directly impact his education.

"It is my education and we are the customers of this educational service," he says. "One of the best ways for educators to test educational initiatives and get feedback is through students."

Vancouver isn't the only district to be following Ontario's lead with the implementation of the student trustee pilot. Boards in Sunshine Coast, Calgary and Edmonton are also in the process of implementing their own pilot programs.

To read more about Milum in the Vancouver Courier, click here.  

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