Windermere Athena Arts Brings Special Arts Program to Macdonald Elementary

Laura Treloar says she's incredibly excited about the $10,000 ArtStarts grant she just won. The huge grant will go a long way to helping jet start Treloar's artist/student mentorship program, which she says will not only support her own Windermere Athena Arts students, but dozens of elementary learners from Macdonald Elementary and the district's Aboriginal Focus School. 

Treloar won the award despite stiff competition from over 125 other grant submissions from across the Province of BC.

"Initially I was shocked," says Treloar. "Out of all the applications submitted, ours was the only application that was given a perfect score."

Thanks to the grant, Treloar's program will begin in October and go until May 2014. During the school year, her class will work with a three different visual artists and one digital artist to create interesting mixed media works of art as well as a digital piece. Currently the program has confirmed working with artists Morgan GreenFlick Harrison and Brent Clowater.

The secondary students will then travel by transit to Macdonald Elementary where, with the help of the artist, they will lead their elementary students in the artistic process getting a chance to mentor their elementary "buddies".

Treloar said she was inspired to partner with Macdonald Elementary on this project because of the close relationship she has with an number of the school's staff as well as with the out of school program based at the school. She says she thinks her students will thrive as mentors.

"Athena is suited for this kind of a project because these students are super capable and willing to take creative and social risks," she says. 

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