Britannia Book Club Explores Indigenous Authors

Every Tuesday, as Britannia's halls are swamped with students during lunch hour, the First Nations resource room is buzzing with a different energy. Students are in the classroom to participate in Britannia's First Nations book club. 

The club is part of a larger UBC initiative aimed at connecting Britannia students of all backgrounds and ages with indigenous culture and literature. It is jointly facilitated by Britannia Aboriginal Support teacher Chas Desjarlais and UBC Associate Professor of Language and Literacy Jan Hare

Last week's book was "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian" by Sherman Alexie. Students took turns reading their favourite quotes in the book and applied the feelings and stories portrayed to their own lived experience.
Hare said the book club meetings occur once a week at lunch time over a tasty meal.

"We meet once a week to talk about the book and our own personal experiences in relation to the themes of the book. We like to come together around food because it creates relationships and unity," said Hare.

A joint UBC/Britannia Secondary discussion event will close the reading of this book on Wed Oct 23 from 6:30-8:30. Subsequent book club readings will explore Indigenous writers from the South Pacific, Africa, Central and South America, and East Asia.

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