Seymour Students Shop at Granville Island and Cook at the Dirty Apron Cooking School

In the final weeks of June, 16 students from Seymour Elementary got a very special culinary treat when they headed to Granville Island for a guided tour of the market and specialty food stalls and then spent the remainder of the day at the Dirty Apron Cooking School where they cooked up a fantastic meal under the watchful eyes of professional chefs.

That afternoon, after a great deal of hardwork in the kitchen, the students dined on roasted corn and bacon chowder, grilled rib eye steak (marinated in fresh herbs, tamari and maple syrup), grilled asparagus and fresh Granville Island lollipops for dessert. 

"It was AMAZING!" said Seymour Project Teacher Lael Sleep. "The kids said "top three field trips ever!"

The field trip was part of the "Cooking Fun for Kids" program and came about thanks to the generous support of Jane Young and her team at Peterson Investment Group. The program seeks to introduce kids in the inner city to the fun of nutritious meal preparation. Since September, they've been practicing their culinary skills including steady chopping hands that make precise (and safe) mincemeat of vegetables.

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