Maquinna and 19 Other Schools Demo Destination Imagination Activities

This October, 20 Vancouver schools were invited to participate in Destination Imagination (DI) demonstration activities. Students at Maquinna jumped on their DI challenges, finding new and creative ways to structurally stabilize their homespun towers (composed of bags, straws, tape and other assorted household items). The library was full of laughter as students came up with new and creative ways to engineer their mini-structures.

Destination Imagination is the world's largest non-profit creative problem solving program for K-12 youth. The program helps kids learn valuable skills including creativity, team work, critical thinking, budgeting, project management, research, script writing, presenting and all while developing self-confidence.

During a DI project, youth work in teams of up to seven to solve DI "challenges" which often integrate the arts, technology, science, communication and theatre.

All the day's Destination Imagination activities were supported by volunteers from the global German company SAP AG.

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