Teachers at Sexsmith Elementary Go Bald for Cancer Fundraiser

David Biln, a Grade 6 teacher at Sexsmith Elementary School, felt that the $3,000 that the students and teachers normally raise for the Terry Fox Foundation was not enough. At a school assembly early in September, Biln challenged the teachers, students and their families to raise $5,000. 

Biln then announced that that if they could raise $5,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation, not only would he have his head shaved, so too would Leni Loconte, an SSW at the school, and Andrew Coelho, the school's music teacher.

"The crowd erupted in excitement," said Sexsmith principal Jacquie Hall. "And very quickly donations started to come in."

As a result of Biln's promise, the school community raised over $6,000, twice as much as usual.

The "head-shaving ceremony" was recently held in the gym.  As the three teachers prepared and the razors began to buzz, students chanted, "Shave it off! Shave it off!"

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