Youth's Altruism Supports Kids at Nightingale

In early October, Nightingale Principal Hope Sterling says her school got an unforgettable gift. It was that month that she got a phone call from an 11 year old boy by the name of Kelly O'Brien inquiring if the school would be interested in a donation.

It turned out that O'Brien's 12th birthday was fast approaching and he had decided he didn't want gifts from his friends. Instead, he wanted to "give back" to the community. Rallying six of his friends, O'Brien raised enough money to purchase three bags full of great children's books, assorted gently worn clothes, seven hockey sticks, a garbage bag full of soccer balls, basketballs, a football and other assorted items. 

"His contribution will be put to good use and the many items will find good homes," said Sterling. "We are overwhelmed by his generosity and are very thankful for his big heart!"   

When Sterling asked about why O'Brien had chosen Nightingale, she learned that the 12 year old had conducted a thorough internet search for inner city schools in Vancouver. 

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