New Global Sustainability 11 Course Engages Youth on Green Issues

It is one of the only types of courses of its kind in the Vancouver School District. Aimed at supporting Grade 11 and 12 students from across the district in pursuing their "green" passions, Prince of Wales Mini's new Global Sustainability 11 course is an off-timetable four credit elective course that combines aspects of science, social studies, sustainability and leadership.

Teacher Andrew Humphries says it has been a delight to teach the class.

"It mixes incredibly dynamic kids and integrates science, socials and leadership," he says. "Part of the course is also fieldwork where we take in everything from film festivals to guest lecturers."

Humphries says the course wouldn't be possible without the huge demand from students who in some cases travel long distances to attend the course.

"For a long time students, parents have wanted to do something cross curricular, which blended real world challenges and problems," said Humphries. "From a teaching perspective it is both awesome and intimidating."

During the year long course, students will tackle a wide range of topics including the essentials of human needs, our collective impact, climate change, bio-diversity, the global economy, sustainable design principles among other issues. 

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