Tecumseh Guest Connects with School and Students

In the waning days of the school year, Grade 4 students from Tecumseh got a visit from a special visitor. Vicki, a resident of the Living Room, which is a drop in centre for mentally ill people living in the Downtown Eastside, made the trip back to Tecumseh, where she had graduated from decades ago. During the visit and subsequent tour, students learned about what Tecumseh was like 59 years ago for a Grade 1 student. They also got an important lesson from someone who has worked closely with people who have struggled with mental illness for years.

"She shared the important lesson that no one decides when they are little boys and girls that they want to be homeless when they grow up and live in the poorest postal code in Canada," said Tecumseh Vice Principal Carrie Froese.   

During the visit, the Grade 4 students presented their guest with a special scarf that they had been knitting for most of the school year. 

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