Lord Kitchener Elementary Builds an Outdoor Classroom, Food Garden and Green Space

Several weeks ago Lord Kitchener Elementary parents, teachers, and students celebrated the official opening of their beautiful and unique Outdoor Classroom: Food Garden & Green Space.

For the past year, Lord Kitchener Elementary has been a hub of activity, and a high-traffic construction zone, as the school is seismically rebuilt. Students are now enjoying a safe, new school structure, but the challenge remained about usable outdoor space. The Kitchener Elementary PAC Sustainability Committee saw this challenge as an opportunity to create an oasis where children could feel connected to nature.

Throughout 2013, the installation of a food garden and natural play area has taken place. The garden was researched and designed by Kitchener students. Classes and school clubs created a space that gives all students a place to learn about the food cycle, attract and study insects and wildlife, or simply play.

"We were thrilled to see more than 400 Kitchener students running, digging, climbing and exploring in the space, " said Christina Shorthouse on behalf of the Lord Kitchener Elementary Outdoor Classroom Committee. "What a wonderful sight!" 

Unique features of the garden include a stone amphitheatre and sand play area, food garden, and the TD Rain Garden. There are over 325 plants in the garden including more than 25 native species, as well as berries, shrubs, apple and plum trees.

Click on the image below to check out our Flickr album for more photos.

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