Total Ed Students Launch Clothing Drive to Support LGBTQ Street Youth

Total Ed students have two initiatives happening this holiday season and both are aimed at making life easier for vulnerable LGBTQ youth.

The first initiative is to raise money to support Directions Youth Services Centre - an organization which supports street LGBTQ youth - through a bake sale. So far Total Ed Youth & Family Worker Sue Monti says the club has raised $70. They hope to double that by next week.

In addition to cash, Total Ed's QSA, which numbers around a dozen students, is also doing a clothing drive. Monti and her students have placed clothing bins in the VSB Education Centre and are hoping that they'll get lots of warm winter clothing donation.

"I was really pleased that the VSB was happy to do this with us," she says.

Once the clothing has been collected, Monti and QSA club members plan to head down to Directions to personally deliver the clothing bounty and get a tour of the centre.

VSB staff or students interested in supporting the clothing drive are encouraged to contact Monti by clicking here.  

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